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Video Presentation: Arthur Levin speaks on the Lateral Process, June 2013.

Arthur speaks about lateral acquisition as a preplanned, targeted search as well as lateral compensation, integration, retention and leadership.

100 Lawyer Marketing Tips
We outline 100 business development tips. Just pick those tips that will work best for you.

Lawyer Business Development Truths
In the vast majority of firms, 90% of all new business originates through personal contacts made by partners.

Video Presentation: “New Business Development a Cooperative Firm-wide Necessity”

Arthur Levin speaks at a seminar titled “The New Business of Law: Ideas and Solutions for Effective Management”

Law Firm Business Development: The Untapped Middle
Arthur Levin discusses the untapped potential of the “Middle Tier” — partners who bring in occasional business and/or at least have the potential and the desire to generate business.

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