Selling To Law Firms

AGL Associates has a proven track record of helping a variety of companies sell their products and services to law firms.

Selling to law firms is different from most business selling. The “decision to buy” process is complex, and, as a result, many companies have avoided or have not been successful in their attempts to reach this lucrative market.

AGL Associates can help you develop a customized marketing plan and help train your sales team so that you can prosper in this market. Our program provides the following:

- Buying Process: Learn how to make the law firm “decision to buy” process work for you.

- Mindset: Understand how lawyers and law firm administrators think when making a purchase.

- Perceived Needs: Learn how to match your products and services to the perceived needs of law firms.

- Tailoring Your Message: Receive assistance crafting your sales and marketing messages to appeal to law firms.

- Sales Training: Receive step-by-step guidance through the sales process.

- Targeting: Learn how to create cost-effective marketing strategies by targeting firms by size and practice area, among other factors.

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