Rainmaker Training

Law firms have spent millions of dollars in an attempt to teach partners to market. Most of these efforts have failed due to their “one-size-fits-all” approach.

AGL Associates has a proven, customized approach to rainmaker training. Our training focuses on the individual lawyer’s personality, talents, and time availability. The result is a personalized business development strategy that is tailored to a lawyer’s lifestyle — and thus is something he or she is willing to practice long term.

The AGL Associates Rainmaker Training Program provides:

- Individual Training: One-on-one sessions that are highly customized.

- Personal Marketing Methodology: Leverage your strengths, personal life, contacts, and abilities to develop a significant client base.

- Marketing Plan: Hands-on help creating a customized, practical, and effective marketing plan.

- Hand Holding: Step-by-step guidance and assistance.

- Mentoring: A seasoned strategist and advisor will assist in the successful application of the plan.

Developing additional business from existing clients by cross-selling is a cost-effective way to increase revenues. AGL Associates helps firms overcome the internal problems that inhibit this process.

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